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Shipments sent to a FFL dealer only on all guns. Shipping normally is $30.00 for Shotguns shipped UPS Standard, & Nowadays is around $70.00 for UPS Second day air. You are granted a 3 day inspection. Please remit via Cashiers check or Money Orders made out to George Wimer, Personal checks require extra time to assure clearance prior to shipment. For further detailed information seeFAQ.


Make: Baker

Model: Batavia Leader

Serial #: 8569F

Caliber: 12 Gauge

Description: This Hammerless Baker Batavia Leader, 12 gauge, 28 inch, Full & Modified choked, Side by Side Shotgun with Serial Number 8569F was made approximately 1919 - 1930. *********************************************************************** The Baker sidelock shotgun is considered an " American Best " and is recognized as one of America's Classic Shotguns manufactured during that era, like the L.C. Smith, Parker, LeFever, Fox, and Ithaca. Collector interest in these High Quality Sidelock shotguns is on the Rise. *********************************************************************** This Batavia Leader is all Original with matching numbers and has the Special Steel Barrels. The bores are Mint with the exception of a tiny exterior ding (approx. one inch from the end of the Right barrel). (The tiny ding's size is approx. 1/8th of an inch long.) Note: The Right barrel is the Modified choke. The Left Barrel is the Full choke. *********************************************************************** This has a Crisp Tight action with Double triggers and Extractors. Hard buttplate. Pistol grip. *********************************************************************** The Walnut Forearm and Buttstock has the original laquered finish and fairly sharp checkering. *********************************************************************** This has 95% Blue and Case colors. Originally priced at $2495 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $1495

Condition: 95%

Price: 1495

Comments: Originally priced at $2495 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $1495

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Make: Charles

Model: Superior Grade

Serial #: S524,217

Caliber: 20 Gauge

Description: Charles Daly Skeet, 20 ga. 26" Skeet/Skeet. The Full Engraving is known as the Superior Grade. This Over/Under shotgun, Serial Number S-524217 was made in Japan by: " B.C. Miroku ". ********** It is very difficult to find a 20 Guage 26 inch Skeet & Skeet O/U B.B.Miroku. It is extremely difficult to find one in this Great of Condition. 99.8% blue $2995 Originally priced at $2995 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $1995

Condition: 99.8 %

Price: 1995

Comments: Originally priced at $2995 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $1995.

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Make: Parker

Model: Trojan

Serial #: 222,717

Caliber: 16 Gauge

Description: Parker Trojan 16 Gauge, 28 inch Modified & Full chokes. This Great Side by Side shotgun with Serial number 222,717 was made in 1927. Which just so happens to also have; A Great Full House Poker-hand Serial-number. Bright minty Bores. See pictures…… 95% Case Colors with 98% Blue $6995 *********************************************************************** Fantastic Condition ! Wow ! Here's a real screamer that's creeping up to the Century old mark ! All original with a nice smooth stock & the original Lacquer finish ( = Amazing ), A Tight action, (Notice that the Lever is well to the right of middle indicating little usage) ; *********************************************************************** All Vivid markings on Barrels , Watertable, & Forearm as well. Gorgeous Case Colors, and 28" Trojan Steel barrels that are Choked Modified and Full. *********************************************************************** This Scarce 16 Gauge Trojan Parker was Built On the Smaller Number One Frame(#1 Frame. This Parker Trojan, 16 gauge; has All matching numbers, Double triggers, Extractors. Hard buttplate. *********************************************************************** This Beauty has ALL " Unturned Screws ". Steel Bead Front Sight. Sharp checkering. Splinter forearm. *********************************************************************** This Sweetheart is All original, and Not-messed with. Don't hesitate too long ! Because When this Great Ole American Classic sells, you'll be looking long and hard to fine another Parker Trojan 16 Gauge 28F/M " on the Smaller Number 1 Frame ", in THIS condition ! ! ! This has 95% Case Colors with 98% Blue coverage $6995 *********************************************************************** The Parkers LOP is 14 inches to the buttplate. Without the butplate it is 13 7/8" to the end of the wood on the Buttstock.

Condition: 98%

Price: 4395

Comments: Originally priced at $6995 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $4395

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Make: Savage-Fox

Model: Model B-ST Side x Side

Serial #: NSN

Caliber: 12 Gauge

Description: Savage-Fox Model B-ST, 12 gauge S x S This Savage-Fox Model B, 12 gauge. side by side shotgun has been professionaly reblued. *********************************************************************** There is No Serial Number because They never made this model with any serial number back then. However; There are these Four letters ( # AHRT ) that are Factory-Stamped on the Barrel, Forearm, and the Water-Table. *********************************************************************** This Savage-Fox Model B, 12 gauge has 28" Vent-Rib barrels, is Choked Modified and Full. It has Mint Bores with No rings or dings and was made during 1955-66. *********************************************************************** There's a nice Wildlife scene on the Receiver which has the typical Plum coloring. Great Wood having just a couple un-noticable marks. *********************************************************************** This has a nice Tight action. Single trigger. Model B-ST = Single Trigger, Extractors. The (Length of Pull) LOP over the pachmayer Ventilated Pad is 13 3/4" inches. The Barrels are Factory Stamped (" Patent Applied For "). All in All, I'll say it has 99% Reblue $795

Condition: 99 +%

Price: 795

Comments: NONE

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Make: Stoeger

Model: S x S Coach Gun

Serial #: 391,511

Caliber: 410 Guage

Description: Stoeger Coach Gun, .410 SxS Shotgun, 20"inch Barrels, Improved. And Modified Fixed chokes,.Double Triggers, Ejectors. Serial number # 391,511. A Good positive Action, Easy takedown And a Solid & compact 3" chambered .410 Gauge ! They began making these 25 years ago in 1991. 99.9% $1195 Originally priced at $1195 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $695

Condition: 99.9%

Price: 1195

Comments: Originally priced at $1195 *********************************************************************** Now, Only $695

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